history of success

Yorke Properties Limited, Accra, Ghana, is a Private Limited Liability Real Estate Investment Trust Management, Construction, Property Development and Management Services entity incorporated in Ghana on April 14, 2009, under the Companies Code of 1963 (Act 179), and authorized to commence business on January 14, 2010. The Company’s authorized businesses are: Real Estate Investment Trust Management; and Estate Development, Commercial Property Development and Management.

The Firm’s Head Office is located in Nungua-Accra, Ghana, and currently employs over 450 full time persons. All projects are undertaken and managed by YP’s technical groups and where necessary augmented with sub-contractors.

The company anticipates increasing staff capacity commensurate with work-load requirements. YP is determined to recruit and retain talented employees at every level of the company. The management team meets as a group regularly to share best practices, engages in peer review exercises. Consistent interaction between and among group members ensures that Yorke Properties’ core values and principles are: (1) properly communicated to employees and customers; and (2) reflected in the day to day operations of the company.

Corporate Objective

Yorke Properties’ clearly defined objectives include:

Being Customer Focused and Market Driven.

Delivery of cost effective and efficient properties and related services.

Attainment of preeminence in the property industry.

Become a profitable growth business.

Incorporation of industry best practices in its operations.

Recognition as leading industry-wide employer.

Corporate Mission

Yorke Properties’ Corporate Mission is to provide state of the arts construction, property ownership, management expertise and allied services for cost effective, affordable residential and commercial complexes toward the nation building.

Corporate Vision

We are a team, dedicated to bring growth to our community, striving to become the leader in the industry, helping to maintain and assist our clients in making their dream become a reality.

Corporate Values

To ensure the highest standard of professionalism, Yorke Properties is committed to maintaining a stringent Corporate Value system as defined by:

Integrity: Yorke Properties shall be honest, fair, and consistent in accordance with the spirit of honorable conduct.

Commitment: Yorke Properties shall seek to understand and address client’s issues and concerns in a timely manner.

Superior Service: Yorke Properties requires quality and excellence in all client services, and all other undertakings.

Discipline: Yorke Properties shall manage projects and allied services placed in its care with discipline.

Our Clients